Sexual Exploitation


You may be entitled to Money Compensation if you are a victims of Sexual Molestation

You may be the victim of a sexual molestation even though it appears that you “consented” to having sexual relations with the predator. Cases like this usually hinge on unequal professional relationships that have a lopsided balance of control and power.  Typically, these professions include those of doctors, psychiatrists, therapists, dentists, lawyers, ministers, and teachers.  Sexual predators use their position in the community and our trust to abuse their victims. These relationships include:

  • Doctor – Patient
  • Psychiatrist -Patient
  • Therapist – Patient
  • Social Worker – Patient
  • Psychologist – Patient
  • Mental Health Counselor – Patient
  • Clergy – Penitent
  • Priest – member of church congregation
  • Preacher – member of church congregation
  • Minister – member of church congregation
  • Rabbi – Member of Synagogue
  • Lawyer – Client
  • Teacher- student

Although it may appear the victim “consented” to a sexual relationship, usually these cases involve coercion and mental control of the victim by the predator, to such a degree that the law may allow the victim to sue the predator for this extreme and immoral violation of trust.

Some unscrupulous doctors, therapists, psychiatrists, lawyers, and teachers misuse their position, power, and trust to coerce their patients, clients, and students to have sex with them under the guise that it is part of treatment or will help them feel better.

There are other situations that can arise, involving sexual abuse and exploitation perpetrated by lawyers on their female clients. These usually involve situations in which an unscrupulous lawyer agrees to waive or reduce his legal fees in return for the client having sexual relations with him.  These cases may give rise to a claim against the attorney for his unethical and immoral conduct.

At the Tennessee Victim Law Firm we assist victims of sexual exploitation in asserting civil claims against unethical and immoral professionals, which include:

  • Doctors molesting or groping their patients during examinations
  • Doctors having sexual relations with their patients
  • Mental Health Therapists or Counselors sexually exploiting their patients
  • Psychologists, Social Workers, or Psychiatrists sexually exploiting their patients
  • Clergy, Ministers, Preachers or Rabbis sexually exploiting members of their congregation
  • Dentists sexually exploiting, molesting, or abusing their patients
  • Lawyers sexually exploiting or abusing their clients
  • Physical Therapists sexually molesting their patients
  • Massage Therapists sexually molesting their clients
  • College Professors having sexual relations with their students
  • Lawyers engaging in sexual relations with clients

Becoming a victim of sexual exploitation can result in a lifetime of pain and mental anguish. You can never forget the pain of being exploited and abused by your therapist, doctor, or counselor. It is terrible to have to deal with the emotional trauma of being victimized by a person that we are supposed to be able to trust. Whether you were exploited by an acquaintance, a trusted professional, or a stranger, you have the right to pursue a civil action against your abuser.

At the Tennessee Victim Law Firm we are dedicated to helping sexual abuse survivors hold their abusers legally and morally responsible for their improper and illegal actions. If you are the victim of sexual exploitation, you have the right to pursue a civil claim for money damages, regardless of whether any criminal charges were ever pursued against the perpetrator.

Tennessee Crime Victim Attorney Kevin R. Madison has successfully sued and obtained money recoveries against doctors, therapists, ministers, and lawyers who sexually exploited their patients and clients. One big case involved a Gastroenterologist, who was fondling and molesting his female patients while they were unconscious, under anesthesia. Attorney Madison exposed this predatory physician and this doctor was convicted of Indecency, sent to jail, and had his medical license taken away from him. He is now a registered sex offender and will never practice medicine again. Another case was against an unethical lawyer who coerced a client who had a criminal case to have sex with him because she could not afford his legal fees.

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