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sexual harassment attorneyIf you have been the victim of an Assault & Battery, Sexual Harassment by your Boss or College Professor, or molested by your Doctor, Psychiatrist, Minister, or Lawyer, you need an attorney with Law Enforcement Training and Experience!

Attorney Kevin Madison of the Tennessee Victim Law Firm is the Victim Rights Attorney to go to for Assault and Battery, Sexual Harassment, and for victims of Sexual Exploitation by Doctors and Therapists.  Attorney Kevin Madison has years of training as a Certified Police Officer and Assistant District Attorney. Mr. Madison also has over 30 years of experience as a judge.  Using the combination of his skills, training, and education, Mr. Madison has been representing victims for almost 40 years. Mr. Madison abides by Christian Values and Ethics in representing all persons regardless of race, creed, color, faith, or socio-economic status.

Tennessee Attorney Kevin R. Madison’s past employment and training includes:

  • Police Chief
  • State Criminal Prosecutor
  • Police Officer
  • Deputy Sheriff
  • Security Supervisor
  • State Magistrate
  • Over 38 Years’ of Litigation Courtroom Experience

It has been my experience that the vast majority of claims against assailants who commit a Battery, Sexual Molestation, or Sexual Harassment settle before we have to file a lawsuit.  Please call me or email me so we can discuss your case confidentially without any obligation, at all, to hire me.

All of my cases are handled on a percentage fee contingency fee arrangement. If I do not get you a settlement, you don’t owe me a dime! We never charge a fee for consultation, we never charge a retainer fee, and we never charge an hourly fee!

There are NO upfront costs and NO hourly fees. If I don’t obtain a recovery for you, you don’t pay me anything for my time and you don’t reimburse me for my out-of-pocket costs. If I can be of service to you, or your family, please call for a FREE consultation.

My 30+ years on the bench as a judge and state magistrate give me additional experience and practical knowledge that help me try Personal Injury and Intentional Injury cases in the courtroom.


Over 90% of most cases settle before a lawsuit is filed. If we have to file a lawsuit, many times we will use an alias (pseudonym) instead of your real name, such as “Jane Smith” or “John Smith.”  In most cases the judges will allow this to help protect your identity.

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  • If you are a crime victim in Tennessee, you should speak with a Crime Victim Attorney about pursuing a civil tort claim against your assailant. Here are some factors that influence many crime victims and sexual assault victims to come forward and seek justice in civil courts:
    • Unlike criminal court cases that require proof “beyond a reasonable doubt,” civil cases only require proof “by a preponderance of the evidence.”  The Plaintiff (victim) only has to tip the scales 1% to win.
    • By filing a lawsuit against a predator, the lawsuit creates a permanent record of the predator at the courthouse. Unlike criminal cases that can be expunged or sealed from the public view, most civil lawsuits files remain a public record, documenting a predator’s identity and his actions, which can help protect our community.
    • Some criminal cases can’t be prosecuted because of the high degree of proof required. A civil case may be the only avenue for a crime victim to pursue a claim against the assailant.
    • If you hire me, you don’t have to wait and see for the prosecutor or police to decide whether they are going to pursue a (criminal) case. You and I will decide whether to file a civil case, who will be named as defendants, and what causes of action will be pursued.
    • Our Civil Justice System law allows victims to sue defendants for money damages for medical treatment costs, mental health treatment costs, and mental anguish that you suffered. In certain cases, jurors can award punitive damages to the victim, to punish the defendant. These punitive damages are also referred to as “exemplary damages.”


Compensation for victims of Sexual Molestation

You may be the victim of a sexual molestation even though it appears that you may have “consented” to having sexual relations with the predator. Cases like this usually hinge on Power and Control relationships that have a lopsided balance of control and power. Sexual predators use their position in the community and our trust to abuse their victims.  These relationships include:

  • Doctor – Patient
  • Psychiatrist -Patient
  • Therapist – Patient
  • Social Worker - Patient
  • Psychologist - Patient
  • Mental Health Counselor - Patient
  • Clergy – Penitent
  • Priest – member of church congregation
  • Preacher - member of church congregation
  • Minister - member of church congregation
  • Rabbi – Member of Synagogue
  • Lawyer - Client

Although it may appear the victim “consented” to a sexual relationship, in fact there may have been extreme coercion and mental control of the victim to such a degree that the law may allow the victim to sue the predator for this extreme and immoral violation of trust.

Unscrupulous doctors, therapists, and psychiatrists misuse their position, power, and trust to coerce their patients to have sex with them under the guise that it is part of treatment or will help them feel better.

Other situations that arise, involving sexual abuse and exploitation, may be situations in which a lawyer agrees to waive or reduce his legal fees in return for their clients having sexual relations with them.

At the Tennessee Victim Law Firm we assist victims of sexual exploitation in asserting a civil claims against professionals, including:

  • Doctors sexually exploiting or having sexual relations with their patients
  • Mental Health Therapists or Family Counselors sexually exploiting or abusing their patients
  • Psychologists, Social Workers, or Psychiatrists sexually exploiting or abusing their patients
  • Clergy, Ministers, Preachers or Rabbis exploiting or abusing members of the congregation
  • Dentists sexually exploiting, molesting, or abusing their patients
  • Lawyers sexually exploiting or abusing their clients
  • Physical Therapists molesting their patients
  • Massage Therapists molesting their clients
  • College Professors having sexual relations with their students

Becoming a victim of sexual exploitation can result in a lifetime of pain and mental anguish. Though you may survive this abuse of trust and sexual exploitation, you will never forget the pain of being exploited and abused by your therapist, doctor, or counselor. You will always have to deal with the emotional trauma of being victimized by a person that we are supposed to be able to trust. Whether you were exploited by an acquaintance, a trusted professional, or a stranger, you have the right to pursue a civil action against your abuser.

At the Tennessee Victim Law Firm we are dedicated to helping sexual abuse survivors hold their abusers legally and morally responsible for their improper and illegal actions. If you are the victim of sexual exploitation, you have the right to pursue a civil claim for money damages, regardless of whether any criminal charges were ever pursued against the perpetrator.

Tennessee Attorney Kevin Madison has successfully sued and obtained money recoveries against doctors, therapists, ministers, and lawyers who sexually exploited their patients and clients. One big case involved a Gastroenterologist, who was fondling and molesting his female patients while they were unconscious, under anesthesia. Attorney Madison exposed this predatory physician and this doctor was convicted of Indecency, sent to jail, and had his medical license taken away from him. He is now a registered sex offender and will never practice medicine again.


At the Tennessee Victim Law Firm we do not file cases against the employer- we file our Assault and Battery cases or Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress cases against the perpetrator.  We believe that you should sue the person who molested or battered you, rather than suing your employer, which is what most employment law attorneys do.

Most Employment Law attorneys are not be able to help victims of sexual harassment, groping, or battery if your employer has less than 15 full-time employees. The reason for this is that the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) laws that were passed in 1964 (Civil Rights Act) only apply to businesses that employ 15 or more full-time employees. We have had many women and men come tell us that they tried to pursue a groping or molestation case against their boss who owned a small company with less than 15 employees and many employment law EEOC attorneys turned them away. That is because they could not enforce the sexual harassment protections of the 1964 Civil Rights Act against a company with less than 15 employees. At my law firm, we pursue claims directly against the perpetrator- so it doesn’t matter how many employees your employer had on the payroll.

In my first victim rights case, almost 25 years’ ago, a 21 year old woman told me that she was being groped by her employer, who was a 68 year old foot doctor.  I realized I could use the Assault and Battery laws against this sick perverted doctor who was grabbing my client’s buttocks and making comments about her breasts. In accordance with my Christian values, I offered to settle this claim quietly and confidentially before filing suit, but the doctor claimed “it never happened.”  We sued him and took the case to trial with a jury awarding my client $7,500 for the Battery, $7,500 for Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress and $30,000 in Punitive Damages against the doctor. He was not feeling very smug after the jury rendered this verdict against him!

In Tennessee, an employer who touches or gropes an employee commits a Battery and the employee can sue him for it.  A battery is defined as “an intentional act that causes an unpermitted, harmful or offensive bodily contact.” Cary v. Arrowsmith, 777 S.W. 2d 8, 21 (Tennessee Court of Appeals, 1989) and Restatement of Torts, 2nd edition, Section 18(1).

Sexual harassment in the workplace can occur in many different types of situations, including:

  • Sexual comments to an employee by employer
  • Unwelcome touching of an employee by employer
  • Sexually lewd or suggestive emails, texts, or telephone calls to an employee by an employer
  • Offers by an employer to pay an employee money in exchange for sex

I only accept cases that involve the actual owner of the business or high-level supervisors of the company.  I do not pursue sexual harassment cases under the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) laws. Instead, Mr. Madison pursues sexual harassment under Tennessee state law that allows victims of “assault by contact” (“Battery”) and “intentional infliction of emotional distress” to pursue legal claims against sexual predators.


In Tennessee, if you are the victim of a sexual harassment or improper sexual relations by a college professor, you may have a claim for this type of sexual abuse and breach of the fiduciary duties of your professor.

If you have been victimized by a college professor or coerced into having sex with a college professor, you should contact Tennessee Crime Victim attorney Kevin R. Madison to determine whether you have a claim.  There is never a charge at the Tennessee Victim Law Firm for an office or telephone consultation.

I handle all claims like these on a percentage fee basis, called a “contingency fee.”  The contingency fee for assault and sexual assault cases is % of the gross amount recovered from the predator plus out of pocket costs. You never pay me an hourly fee or “cash retainer fee.” If I am unable to obtain a settlement (recovery) for you, you will not owe me a dime, not even any of my out-of-pocket costs.  My fee is “contingent” or dependent upon my obtaining a settlement for you!

For more information about our services, or to speak with an experienced Tennessee Victim Rights lawyer with over 38 years of courtroom litigation experience, who also has years of law enforcement and prosecutorial experience, please contact Attorney Kevin Madison and TnVictimLawFirm.com at (865) 312-5160 for your FREE CONFIDENTIAL consultation. We have a female Registered Nurse on staff to assist in these cases.

All office visits must be by appointment only. There is NEVER a charge to discuss your case.

From our Knoxville, Tennessee office we represent clients throughout Tennessee including: Knoxville, Maryville, Nashville, Memphis, Chattanooga, Franklin, Gatlinburg, Pigeon Forge, Johnson City, Madisonville, Oakridge, Cleveland, Kingsport, Sevierville, Cookeville, Hendersonville, Mt. Juliet, Morristown, Greeneville, Collierville, Crossville, Germantown, Bartlett, Shelbyville, Lenoir City, Jonesborough, Lynchburg, Dyersburg, Pulaski, Millington, Mountain City, Tellico Plains, Signal Mountain, Alcoa, Dandridge, Nolensville, Rogersville, Farragut, and other cities and counties throughout the great state of Tennessee!

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